Gospel Study Guide/Template

Here is a study template to better understand any of the Gospels. There were some things on the Internet that gave me good ideas, but I needed to create my own. The idea is to make this an inductive study, were the student drives most of their learning and builds up their confidence that the Bible is not out of their reach.

Let me know your thoughts! Here’s a website with other templates/guides:

29 Images of Bible study guides templates

The Outline portion is for the student to create their own outline by looking at the natural structure or how the verses should be grouped in a given chapter.

The facilitator will need to complete this on their own before class and come up with Three BIG Questions for the students to add and their own answer on the work sheet.

In a classroom setting, most sections of this study can be freely discussed by all participants, or you can limit it to a section or two—such as: Your Title for this Passage—if you have time constraints.

The link below is a Word doc free to use (and it is able to be edited, if needed). Please credit this website or castleqwayr for the use of this document and note any changes to your audience.

John Template Gamma

The first example is the uncompleted template to give to class members.

The second is an example of what a complete template might look like.

Gospel study Template                       John Template completed          

Freely use and share.

You can use the Word doc to make changes to the doc; such as the title.



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