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$20 A Gallon Gas: A New Power Source in Your Hood

When gasoline hits $20.00 a gallon, how will this effect our relationship with our Lord? We will stay closer to home and not commute as far to go to mega-churches. Our outward far-flung extended family focus will become inward.  Families will migrate back … Continue reading

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How Do You Hear God’s Voice?

Quite times are the best way for me.  The Lord also speaks through circumstances, my conscience, mistakes,  sermons, NPR, daily tasks and other people.  What do you do to make it easier to hear God’s voice in your life? What can … Continue reading

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Hearing God’s Voice – Daily?

We are entering some dangerous, interesting, warm and edifying ground with this train of thought.  Can one truly hear the Lord’s voice in our daily life, quite time, while driving and Not Texting in Our Cars? 🙂  I want your input, … Continue reading

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