Mary, The Mother of Jesus – The First Disciple (Student Guide)

Who was this woman Mary, the mother of Jesus? Luke 1:26-56

WWMD? (What Would Mary Do?)

  1. The Annunciation-she said ____! ─ Luke 1:26-38
  2. Jesus’ Birth in Bethlehem ─ Luke 2:1-7
  3. The presentation of Jesus at the temple ─ Luke 2:21-24
  4. Jesus at 12 discussing the Law with the Elders in the Temple ─ Luke 2:41-52
  5. Mary’s special request at the wedding in Cana ─ John 2:1-12
  6. Jesus brothers and Mary say Jesus is nuts ─ John 7:1-5, Mark 3:20-35
  7. Mary is present when Jesus Christ is crucified ─ John 19:25-27
  8. Mary waits for the Holy Spirit with Others at Pentecost ─ Acts 1:14

Was Jesus an only child and did Mary remain a virgin in perpetuity?

Why was she picked from among all women from all of history?

Her race and religion and through Joseph her lineage back to King David

Her sanctity, she gave herself as a living sacrifice to her Lord

She was set apart for a mission ─ Luke 1:29-33

Luke 1:46 suggests Mary was not without sin herself

Highly favored of the Lord ─ Luke 1:28, 30

Mary found favor with God.  What did that favor cost her?

Who else in the O.T. or N.T. would you consider greatly favored by God?

Any costs involved?  Any suffering experienced?

Where do we sign up to be in God’s good favor?

Finally, who deserves our full allegiance and worship?

Let us end by obeying fully the words of Mary the Mother of Jesus found in John 2:5:

Teacher Guide:


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