W.W.J.B? – Who Would Jesus Bomb?

I heard about this bumper sticker or t-shirt graphic:

My immediate reaction was to be offended and shocked.  Then I thought about it . . .

There were times in the Old Testament when God commanded Israel to destroy or annihilate a people, race, culture.  This was after much wickedness on said nation’s part, and after a very long wait to see if their sin sufficiently warranted such drastic measures. I believe the Amalekites were a case study in the matter. Please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amalekites for an excellent and fairly accurate study.

Many people both in the church and not have assumed that the God in the O.T. appeared vindictive and stern, while the New Testament image—as personified in the person of Jesus—is warm, personable and forgiving.  Both images are relative caricatures and taken this way present two distinct and possibly contridictory personalities. Let’s look at some texts to illustrate that the opposite of these images are also true, or at least they paint a fuller picture. 

There is much compassion in the O.T.:

There is sternness and strong judgement  in the N.T.:

Part of the equation is that certain things needed to be emphasized in each major volume of the Bible.

No contradiction here, only various emphasis.

Would Jesus Bomb (including annihilation by other violent means) an individual or group or nation? 

Revelation Verses / “He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked . . .”


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