An Eulogy For My Mom – Poem by Steve Scott

Who Among the Angels?

Dear Mother, for you the rainbow has ended

And what you thought was gold, was only the beam of light from your own heart

Playing over the broken surfaces of unsaid things, unfinished stories

You have walked this beach for a thousand years, looking abck only at the solitary line of footprints woven like a dark thread over the sea’s dark edge

Everything you have said to the bright empty sky comes back to you, on the wind and the murmuring tide

Who Among the Angels has not looked down and wept with you, as you pulled on the bright threads of what you feared would never come undone?

Nothing can change this, nothing, nothing, nothing can change this, nothing

But as for you my little one, in that cold jagged moment when all things suddenly stopped, did you notice the star as it broke from the high constellation and fell towards you until it filled your night?

As its soft light washed over you, gathered you up, who can say when your frail heart went under, surrounded by the thunder of His wings

Did your eyes open like flowers, swimming into the bright depths of His burning gaze as He bore you ever higher to where the rainbow starts?

Who has not rejoiced with you, looking on as you become like gold, pure gold in the furnace of His heart?

Here, a story has begun in which nothing can hurt you, nothing

Nothing can hurt you, nothing

Nothing can hurt you, nothing



Who Among the Angels? Steve Scott – The Butterfly Effect

Hear the complete track here:


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