Letter to my Daughter: 4th Birthday

How much do I love you?



You are now four years old.  Do you know what that means?  You are growing into a beautiful person with lots of opportunities.  There are tons of new things you will experience and try for the first time.  There are, however, a few things that you may not do just yet:


  1. Definitely you may drive neither the BMW nor the Acura.  You see, because you are not tall enough, you won’t see traffic coming and the green and red traffic lights will be out of your sight until you are too close to stop or go.  Also, your feet won’t touch the peddles and using sticks to accelerate or brake would mean you would have to take your hands off of the steering wheel.  Not a good idea. Wait until the legal age, okay?
  2. Lawn mowers should be avoided until you are tall enough to at least have your arms level with the handle of the mower. Also, the starter cord is really hard to pull and I think you need to strengthen your arm and back muscles some more. But guess what?  You will probably earn an allowance to help pay for your neat new clothes and the cell phone bill when you can mow!  Ask about what happened when Great-Grandmother Ellison mowed her lawn in Texas.
  3. Walking to the park or swimming pool by yourself is a no-no.  There may be friends we trust you to go with, or maybe we or one of your friend’s parents will drive you.  There are scary people out there and we really want you to be safe and still enjoy every single minute of your young life.
  4. Stay off of the roof!  I am the only one who may set-up the reindeer or makes repairs on him if he goes on the fritz. When you are in High School I might consider showing you my technique for roof climbing.  Hey, by then I will likely be too scared to go up there by myself.    


Okay, enough of what you should not do!  What in the world may you do?


  1. You should visit as many places as you can.  There are tons of things to discover in your city and state.  That is always a good place to start.  You should travel to parts far and wide in the USA.  Our responsibility and opportunity as parents is to take you wherever we are able to.  Europe is beautiful!  But, you know, Mexico and Canada are our next-door neighbors; have we taken you there yet and what were your thoughts?  Travel opens up doors of discovery that no one can shut.  You never know, God may call you to help people from other nations with your love and service.  Just know that the big wide world is out there.
  2. Food is always on my mind.  I am always planning a meal or contemplating what ingredients would work together.  If I have been successful, you too will love to plunge into every cuisine under the sun.  No one will be able to accuse you of being boring.  Hopefully I will have introduced you to many types of good food and various cooking techniques. I trust you will introduce me to new discoveries and mind-blowing ways to prepare food.
  3. Try different sports, hobbies and whatever activities that capture your imagination.  Start a blog or a website to advertise your world.  Whatever you do, please read.  A good book in a quiet room is hard to overestimate.
  4. Finally, if you have not done this yet, you should.  Learn to love God and let Him love you and speak to you in every circumstance and endeavor.  He loves you more than you can ever know, and will be the one to greet you at that city where tears will cease and love will flourish.




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