Hurtful People – Responding in Love

Had an incident at work on Monday of this week.  We were all very busy and we can wear headphones.  All my favorite NPR shows I had already partaken of on Saturday, so I was going through the list for mini topics to enjoy and occupy the mind.

A team leader walked by and said not to use the Internet except on brakes or lunch.  It was technically a violation but we often will pull up an on-line station to listen to as this does not cause us to be staring at a web page for an extended time when work needs to be done.  What had happened is a woman in the department who likes to think she runs the place but has no more authority than me, went to the team leader privately and “ratted me out.”   This behavior is commonplace for this person and she has few close friends. 

 My response was not to respond until today.  The temptation was to subtly let her know what she had done to make her squirm.  I then thought a good approach would be to smother her with kindness to elicit the same response.  This did not sound quite godly to me either.  Instead I treated her with a normal level of kindness and general respect, though kept a deserved eye on her for other spying activity.

My point?  Show the love of Christ and seek the Spirit for guidance in awkward situations and with hateful people.   Jesus wants us to love and we will never have an opportunity to preach the law of God and His Grace through the sacrificial work of Jesus unless we keep the  door open as wide as possible, have peace in our heart and shine His love and kindness by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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One Response to Hurtful People – Responding in Love

  1. Grammie Linda says:

    this is something we all need to hear all the time. i know i have a lot of trouble with this issue. a lot! thanks for posting it.

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