$20 A Gallon Gas: A New Power Source in Your Hood

When gasoline hits $20.00 a gallon, how will this effect our relationship with our Lord?

We will stay closer to home and not commute as far to go to mega-churches.

Our outward far-flung extended family focus will become inward.  Families will migrate back to center.  We will eschew being separated into eight separate states and possibly a foreign country or two and move close to a central family hub.

The cities will become neighborhood and community focused.

We will start interacting with those who live on our streets and local environs.

Relationships will be increased, closer and deeper.

The symbol of our time will become less and less teenagers in small groups talking separately on cell phones to young couples taking a bucket of chicken or bowl of chili to the neighbor across the way who just moved in or suffered a loss of job or the joy of a new baby.

Our prayer life will be enhanced as we reach out actually and meditatively to those we are learning to love around us.

Neighborhood Bible studies will spring up organically as people seek more ways to connect and love.

People who before would have been considering the next toy to buy for themselves will pause to consider ways to finacially help their community and their local food pantries.

The list can go on and on, and should.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Even $10.oo gas would create cataclysmic changes that would not be easily reversed.


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