. . . STOP . . . You Must Not Follow Jesus Christ

“I am intelligent enough to chart my own course, my destiny and who I should become.  Following another leader is a sign of weakness when you alone should be making your own judgements and decisions on what is right for YOU!”

Let me start off with a bit of my own confession.  If I’m honest, this is what I would have wanted, had I known such a statement could be so stated, before I began my New Life in Jesus Christ.  The only “leaders” I sort of followed, were artistic, money-making and often inebriated Rock musicians.   Although it appears that the life mantra provided above ensures peace of mind and my right to an extra piece of “the pie;” there are a number of fatal flaws.  Let’s discuss these.

  • My IQ and advanced reasoning skills are above average.  However, I have made some of the most foolish and ill-advised (if only I had been smart enough to ask) decisions at every stage of my journey.
  • The course I wanted to chart for a future career, I was and am now currently, in no way suited for.  Desires are often not based on cold, hard realities of the “stuff” of our strengths and weaknesses.     
  • We all follow something or someone, whether we are aware of this or not.  The “authority” might be as simple as our own need for praise, or to ever increase our  pride or keep up at an unstainable level our sensory pleasures. 
  • Since we all follow someone or something, how do we choose the correct one?
  • Why is it, that what is “right for me” is the best way to live and the highest goal to achieve?

“When I am weak, then I am strong” says the Apostle Paul.  Since we are all ultimately weak, how might one become strong?  The only truly strong one is God.  He showed what true strength, wisdom and love was by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  What we consider strength is all wrong.  Jesus came to live his life as a man, with our physical limitations.  He lived life to the fullest and came to serve each of us.  Is that strength?  Yes.  His ultimate act of power or strength was allowing himself to be crucified 2000 years ago.  There were multiple ways he could have avoided that fate.  In truth, he thrust himself towards that goal.  Yes he charted his own course and destiny and achieved complete fulfillment.

We should live this way.  We should model ourselves after his example.  Our lives are a gift from God and must be lived as a gift poured out to Him and to those around us in service and sacrifice.

Ask yourself the next time you have to make a major or minor decision, “How will this choice add glory to God’s name (or reputation), and will this be a gift given to those in need?”

Who are you going to follow today?


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6 Responses to . . . STOP . . . You Must Not Follow Jesus Christ

  1. ruip says:

    ?? I thought Jesus Christ is God. Why wouldn’t you follow him?

    • castleqwayr says:

      You are correct. Please read the complete post and you will notice that the first phrase and comment is what the system and people of the world say who are opposed to us as Christians. Did not mean to cause any stress, just thoughtful conversation.

  2. ruip says:

    Whoops, you are right. Why are you Christian?

    • castleqwayr says:

      Sorry I did not resond to the second part, where you ask, “why am I a Christian?”

      As teenager dealing with depression and basically overwhelmed with worry, fears and poor self-esteem I came to a point where I could not go on with my life. I realized that I had no hope but had heard that Christ would free me from self-destruction if I called out to Him. He did and that was the most important decision of my life. He gives me daily strength and new hope. I have a purpose and am growing as a person, able to reach out unselfishly (most of the time) to love, forgive and meet the needs of those around me. Before I cried out to Jesus to save me, I read the Book of Revelation in the New Testament and after receiving my new life, I read the Gospel of John. Life is still hard and some days just plain stink, but I know I will make it and He will be waiting for me when this chapter of my life comes to a close.

  3. ruip says:

    I can see the psychological reasons for your faith…

    • castleqwayr says:

      You do have a reasonable point. However, wishful thinking and fairie dust don’t have a long shelf life in my home.

      Sometimes, the world we wish for, is not the world that can be, and the world that can be is not what we will ever choose.

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