Rescued by God – Psalms 18

Psalm 18:1-19 (Contemporary English Version)

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Great passage to meditate upon:

1I love you, LORD God,

   and you make me strong.

    2You are my mighty rock, [a] my fortress, my protector,

   the rock where I am safe,

   my shield,

   my powerful weapon, [b] and my place of shelter.

    3I praise you, LORD!

   I prayed, and you rescued me

   from my enemies.

    4Death had wrapped

   its ropes around me,

   and I was almost swallowed

   by its flooding waters.

    5Ropes from the world

   of the dead

   had coiled around me,

   and death had set a trap

   in my path.

    6I was in terrible trouble

   when I called out to you,

   but from your temple

   you heard me

   and answered my prayer.

    7The earth shook and shivered,

   and the mountains trembled

   down to their roots.

   You were angry

    8and breathed out smoke.

   Scorching heat and fiery flames

   spewed from your mouth.

    9You opened the heavens

   like curtains,

   and you came down

   with storm clouds

   under your feet.

    10You rode on the backs

   of flying creatures

   and swooped down

   with the wind as wings.

    11Darkness was your robe;

   thunderclouds filled the sky,

   hiding you from sight.

    12Hailstones and fiery coals

   lit up the sky

   in front of you.

    13LORD Most High, your voice

   thundered from the heavens,

   as hailstones and fiery coals

   poured down like rain.

    14You scattered your enemies

   with arrows of lightning.

    15You roared at the sea,

   and its deepest channels

   could be seen.

   You snorted,

   and the earth shook

   to its foundations.

    16You reached down from heaven,

   and you lifted me

   from deep in the ocean.

    17You rescued me from enemies,

   who were hateful

   and too powerful for me.

    18On the day disaster struck,

   they came and attacked,

   but you defended me.

    19When I was fenced in,

   you freed and rescued me

   because you love me.


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