Gripped by Fear – Taking Control

This is a very personal topic for me.  

This subject is ultimately what led me, as it were, in the role of a tutor (maybe, a tutor of despair) to becoming a Christian and experiencing the beginning of new life in Christ.  My initial downward spiral  began in the sophomore year of High School.  It was a misunderstanding, but led me to what I call morbid self-examination.  The result being the title of this post, minus the control.  Through a series of many dark woods and dungeons, out of desperation I called on  Jesus to save me, and guess what . . . He did! 

As everyone experiences, especially those of us who reflect and obsess on our words, actions and their intended or unintended meaning, we often fear what we spoke or wrote is going to be misconstrued or offend.   Its easy to get sucked into the over-weaning self-examination. 

Here are some remedies:

Realize that I am probably making more of it than I should

When I find the weight descending, lift up my voice and really worship God

Instead of freaking out about the improbable nuances of what was said, pray for that person.  Ask that God bless them in the biggest ways possible.

The ultimate victory over fear and what can become paranoia, is to put things into divine perspective by putting God in His rightful place, upon the throne of my life, instead of a mere footnote.

God is not the author of fear and I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength!  

Approaching this problem in the wrong way is simply our attempt to control, which is really our lack thereof and our message to God, that He is not big enough or that He truly loves us.

By glorifying God, we are placing our trust in Him, drawing from the strength of the Holy Spirit.


I welcome your thoughts on the matter.


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2 Responses to Gripped by Fear – Taking Control

  1. downtownpastor says:

    “By glorifying God, we are placing our trust in Him, drawing from the strength of the Holy Spirit.” Thank you for writing this! I’ve thought about this “trusting” in Him, not simply for the initial deliverance from hell that we all desperately need, but for deliverance from the various manifestations of hell-related thinking and doing and that we find ourselves experiencing daily as we struggle with our sin and the sins of others. Esp. from reading the Psalms, I’ve wondered if there isn’t a strong case to made for the idea that we glorify God WHEN we trust in Him, and that trusting in Him is actually one of the most God-pleasing things I can do with my life.
    Thanks for writing (you have a great, clear style), and thank you for visiting my blog.

    • castleqwayr says:

      I agree that we in fact bring great glory to the Father when we “simply” trust in Him. It’s as conscious a decision as choosing to love our closest family in those times when they are the most disagreeable and just plain horrible. “Abraham believed God and it was counted to him as righteousness!” Sarah laughing, not withstanding.

      Have a great Sunday.

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